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Homework Help: Energy transformation equations

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    OK, I have an assignmnt to do and, normally I wouldn't be looking for answers here --- direct ones I mean but this question requires them, and since I'm not entirely sure we were given the proper list of "forms of energy" I would like to a) get your opinion on the answer to these energy transformation equations and b) see if the types of energy forms which I have are correct

    a) Write an energy transformation equation for each examp. below.
    nuclear core heats up heavy water which turns a generator
    spring with a mass attached is pulled down and then released (moves up and down until coming to a rest on its own)
    a person playing an electric organ presses a key and we hear the not played
    a match is struck on a matchbox and ignites

    b) The list of energy forms we were given include:


    So, are there others? Was this list incorrect? (see, this section of the unit was taught by the class in groups, not the teacher, so its not like this all has 100% credibility.. IT might, but for the sake of my assignment, I'd just like to make sure this is all on track)
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    There is potential energy, which actually covers a wide variety of energy, like gravitational,
    electrostatic etc. I don't find that in the list. What about the energy of compression in a spring? That'd be PE.

    But try the given problems. They may not involve PE.
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