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Engineering curriculum the way it should be ?

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    Engineering curriculum the way it should be !!!?

    Hello guys

    Am a new member, and from a 3 world country. and i have been having serous doubts about the way engineering is taught here where i come from. and frankly it feels like am the only one here who cares, and at the fear of sounding paranoia-ed to everyone i know, i am seeking knowledge for this problem elsewhere. some where out of my country where i might find a good answer.
    So my question is what is the right order in witch you take your science classes in the first two years of an Engineering degree ?
    the subjects am talking about are:
    1.cal 1
    2.linear algebra
    3.physics 1
    4. deferential equations
    5. chemistry
    6. calc 2
    7. calc 3
    8. physics 2
    of course lab 1 and lab2 physics and chemistry lab

    where i come from, witch i think its wierd the way they do it here.
    they take semester 1: calc1,phy1,lab phy1, english,
    semester 2: is calc2,phy2,,chemistry, linear algebra
    semester 3: calc3, deferential equations
    and then life goes on, is this right, well i went through this and i felt that i could have learned more if took calc 1,2 before physics 1 and linear algebra, deferential equations and calc 3 before phy 2, and i have searched on many curriculum in US universities and i found them to be close to what am saying yet there are some Universities who are a bit different maybe they have better students. but where i come from , our high school education is not really that good and the shift from highshcool level to Uni level is quite a jump considering the the text books that where using in uni our high school books in comparision look more like children coloring books !!!

    and am quite amazed that though every one is complaining about how hard the curriculum is nobody like me is linking this unnecessary hardness with the fact that we might be taking the courses in the wrong order.

    so can somebody shed some light on this matter
    Student Kadris
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    Re: Engineering curriculum the way it should be !!!?

    That is a strange curiculum. In my University here in the States, we are required to take Calculus 1 before we can enroll in Physics 1 (intro to mechanics). However, we are only required to have Calculus 2 in order to enroll in Physics 2 (Electricity and Magnetism), although the department strongly reccomends being enrolled in Calculus 3 at the same time.

    In majority of cases, Linear Algebra is not even required. In my program, chemical engineering, we are only required to take Calculus 1-3 and Differential Equations.
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    Re: Engineering curriculum the way it should be !!!?

    Thank you styrkur for your replay, you don't know how revealed I am, yet still in deep distress over the fact that our university is lying to us but at the same time am relived to know that am not paranoia-ed, as for linear algebra i think it could come in handy for phy 2 in the part where you have to solve multiple equations for the electric circuit and as for calc 3 would introduce multi variable calc in a more abstract manner preparing the students for phy 2. yet that's my opinion and i may be mainly saying that because of our bad high school education but if you have a good high school education i think there is no problem with your curriculum .
    can you give me the name of your university ?
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    Re: Engineering curriculum the way it should be !!!?

    Linear Algebra comes in handy for almost everything past Calc. 2 IMO.

    Have fun in ODE with no idea about solving systems of linear equations--triple that for Laplace Transforms (at least at my school).
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