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Testing Engineering, Depression, Final Exams and Intellect

  1. Apr 25, 2012 #1
    I just finished the last final exam of my engineering undergrad and I know I did terribly bad. I am worried that I might fail the course and have to come back another year to gain credit in that one single course in order to graduate. If that happens, my parents will kill me. They are already disappointed with my lack of performance/grades. As am I. I have a 65% average in my engineering undergrad. It is truly a very depressing time right now.

    Final exams have never been good to me. I am terribly bad at them. Not a single final exam in my undergrad has gone my way, despite how much I studied. There are students who not only do great on final exams and courses, but also finish 30 to 40 minutes early.

    Is there something terribly wrong with me? I feel like I shouldn't be an engineer, even if I enjoy it. Has anyone ever gone through such situations? How do you overcome such situations? I have tried and tried and keep failing to deliver.

    *praying that I passed*
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    I used to go through the same thing (not grade-wise but feeling wise). I used to freak out post-exam and start looking up the answers etc and I used to put myself in one hell of a frenzy without even receiving my grade. Then I realized--LIFE IS TOO SHORT--seriously, just let it go. You may have done poorly, you may have done well--who knows. Point is, it's done and can not be taken back now--just let it go and you'll find out soon. Dwelling on it and going into a depression is absolutely not worth it--mostly because it won't change anything anyway.

    As for test-taking advice--considering this was your last class it might be a little late for help ;P
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