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Engineering or Maths&Physics degree?

  1. Feb 6, 2012 #1
    Engineering or Maths&Physics degree??

    OK so currently im a first year student studying a Bachelor in Science in Mathematics and Physics. Im enjoying it quite a lot, i love problem solving and the satisfaction you get once you manage a question. However i am feeling doubtful about what type of jobs i would be able to get into with this degree (besides teaching, not really interested in that). So im not sure if i should repeat first year and do mechanical engineering instead, though im not so sure how much id enjoy it. Also what's weird is that there are way more people who chose engineering than maths and physics. Why is that?
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    Re: Engineering or Maths&Physics degree??

    Do what interests you, not what you think might get you a "better job."
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    Re: Engineering or Maths&Physics degree??

    $ $ $ $
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    Re: Engineering or Maths&Physics degree??

    Some people choose to study; others choose to build. MathematicalPhysicist listed only one symptom, one which I would vehemently deny applies to all or even most engineers. I want to create things using the frontiers of knowledge, and in doing so better mankind. I'd be an engineer if they paid me in peanuts.
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    Re: Engineering or Maths&Physics degree??

    I am quite sure the reason I listed explains why there seem to be more people in Engineering than in maths and physics.

    I am quite sure we can't say there are more people in Engineering cause there are more people like you who prefer to build something.
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