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Engineering Specialization - Advice Needed

  1. Jul 8, 2014 #1

    I'm an undergraduate engineer currently studying mechanical engineering. The first two years of my degree are core for all mechanical engineering students; however, at the end of second year, I have the option of taking a specialism in electrical engineering, offshore engineering, or continuing with on the 'pure' mechanical route.

    I very much enjoy the electrical engineering modules I have studied so far -- and have performed very well in them. If I was to specialise in electrical engineering, I would graduate with an MEng in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (where 'Electrical' in this context includes electronics).

    My main query is whether such a degree would be viewed as a watered-down version of a mechanical engineering degree or electrical engineering degree by potential employers, thus hindering job prospects. This degree is not a 50/50 dual major, but rather a core mechanical engineering degree with a specialism in electrical engineering. The difference between this option and the ME degree is four modules.

    Any input would be appreciated!
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    That will really depend on the specific class differences. Obviously, if it takes out all of, say, fluid dynamics, then you wouldn't really be suited to work in a fluid field. However, for general purposes, it tends not to reduce opportunities, but it may differentiate you for jobs that will involve both fields.
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