What is Specialization: Definition and 54 Discussions

In the branch of mathematics known as topology, the specialization (or canonical) preorder is a natural preorder on the set of the points of a topological space. For most spaces that are considered in practice, namely for all those that satisfy the T0 separation axiom, this preorder is even a partial order (called the specialization order). On the other hand, for T1 spaces the order becomes trivial and is of little interest.
The specialization order is often considered in applications in computer science, where T0 spaces occur in denotational semantics. The specialization order is also important for identifying suitable topologies on partially ordered sets, as is done in order theory.

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  1. warhammer

    Physics Unable to settle on a specialisation

    Hi. I am having a hard time settle on a specialisation. To give some details- I will complete my 3 year UG Course with a GPA of 9.65/10. I have been selected & partaken in a healthy number of conferences intended for students mostly belonging to Astrophysics, Quantum Systems & QFTs. I have a...
  2. VVS2000

    Physics Choice of specialization for Quantum Chromodynamics PhD?

    I am entering into the 2nd year of my masters and I plan to do my phd in quantum chromodynamics. So for my specialization, would it be helpful if I choose nuclear and particle physics or quantum field theory?
  3. D

    Programs The future and rapid specialization

    I have a question I have been thinking about. It seems as fields advance more and more background information is needed to get to the point of industry or PhD level understanding of an area. 50 years from now, will the prospect of having a "broad" educational background still exist or will...
  4. F

    Physics Changing my field of specialization

    Short summary: I'd like to receive some advice on changing my field of study, transitioning from theoretical hep to something like Statistical Physics applied to neurosciences, but I don't know anything about the latter. Thank you in advance for the patience! Some background: I'm a first year...
  5. Alex Petrosyan

    Astrophysics vs Condensed Matter

    Hello everyone, I'm a Physics student on a gap year, doing a bit of work ATM. I'm going to come back in October this year to do a one-year Masters' at Cambridge, and I'm faced with a tough choice: A) Specialize in Astrophysics/cosmology, which is something that I'm not as good at, but really...
  6. S

    Programs Applied Physics specialization: Biophysics vs Quantum

    Hi! I am starting my Master's in Applied Physics at the TU Delft next week and I have yet to decide a research track (i.e. specialization). I have narrowed my options down to bionanoscience and quantum nanoscience. Of these two, which would be better? Of course, 'better' is a vague term, so what...
  7. K

    Schools Finding the right specialization in Physics schools

    how to select a masters program in physics?(i am an undergraduate so can anyone help me find right specialization in physics)
  8. CivilSigma

    Programs Structural/Geotechnical or Water Resource Specialization (Civil Engineering)

    Hello, May I ask any civil engineers on this forum for their input of pros/cons of specializing in structural / water resources engineering? I am having a hard time choosing between the two because I really enjoy both subject. I enjoy both topics and I am afraid that if I choose one over the...
  9. Salma Salem

    Programs Masters in Physics for undecided Specialization

    Hello all, I'm currently an undergraduate Physics major in an Egyptian University, I was intending to pursue a masters in Physics in a university abroad (Europe or US) and I have not yet decided what do I want to specialize in, I wanted to ask for suggestions for Master's programs which involve...
  10. ChrisVer

    Job Skills Specialization vs Generalization

    I was wondering... How "desirable" is specialization in experimental physics? The thing is that you can always find pros and cons to all kind of personas, and let me explain: For example you have a person who did a research on some particular topic during his/her phd. During that research they...
  11. ramzerimar

    Engineering Mechatronics or Thermal and Fluids for specialization?

    I'm a Mechanical Engineering student at the 4th semester, and I've been thinking about what specializations I should pursue after I get my bachelor's degree. I've always find mechatronics (control and automation) to be quite fun. I've developed some projects using Arduino and studied a little...
  12. D

    Programs Advice Request for a Fresh Physics Student

    Hi everyone, So to provide some background, I'm a 20 year old student in a community college who is about to transfer to a 4 year school in the coming winter. My interest in physics is fairly recent, as I was planning on becoming an astronomer when I entered college, but took an algebra based...
  13. ramzerimar

    Engineering Specialize yourself or be a Jack of all trades?

    I've been thinking about the potential benefits - or detriments - of specializing yourself in some particular field of work. Currently, I'm into Mechanical Engineering, and I've heard all kinds of arguments in that matter. Some say that specializing is good because you get better chance of most...
  14. A

    Purdue Physics or UIUC Biophysics Specialization

    I have PhD admits from Purdue and UIUC for their programs in Physics and Biophysics respectively. I am having a tough time making a decision and with the 15th of April approaching I am having a tough time making a decision. I have a background in Physics and one year of research experience in...
  15. N

    Programs Difference between Phys.BS and Phys.Bs with specialization

    so i want to enroll in this undergraduate course in physics in a Bulgarian university. But i read that the bachelors also specializes in Nuclear and Particle Physics: Bachelor in Physics (specialization in Nuclear and Particle Physics) so i was wondering how much difference does it make? how...
  16. rpthomps

    Specialization of Kaon Quarks: A Deeper Understanding

    A kaon is a type of quark right? Is a way of thinking about it similar to the way a cell becomes specialized: a Kaon would be like a specialized quark?
  17. D

    Possible to Specialize in General Relativity?

    I'm about to start my senior year at university pursuing a double major in physics and electrical engineering. I decided recently that I wanted to go to graduate school for physics so I started thinking about the area I would like to specialize in. My current university does most of its research...
  18. E

    Engineering General engineering with specialization in electrical

    Hi, I want to be an engineer but am not completely decided on what kind. I was wondering if I get a general engineering degree and get a specialization in electrical engineering, will this allow me to pursue a job as an electrical/electronics engineer out of college? Any help would be...
  19. J

    I in deciding my specialization

    Hello everyone, I am civil engineering student from India. I am done with my undergrad with a cgpa of 8.5/10 and applied for colleges in America. I will be attending University of Texas at San Antonio for fall 2015. I am confused on which specialization that i need to opt for my graduation. They...
  20. M

    I need the name of a Master's specialization

    Hi, my name is Marcos and I'm from Venezuela I'm planning to go to the United States to study a specialization for my career as an Electrical Engineer. I've always liked the idea of planning and design of power distribution for residential areas, houses, buildings, etc. I've been researching...
  21. A

    Graduate specialization; synergy in life science

    I am a undergraduate in an interdisciplinary life science/biochem/mol.bio/physical.chem degree thinking about which optionals to take. For this I have to consider what specialization I want to pick in my major. The two I am leaning towards are biophysics and biochem. There is also medical...
  22. M

    Engineering Specialization - Advice Needed

    Hi, I'm an undergraduate engineer currently studying mechanical engineering. The first two years of my degree are core for all mechanical engineering students; however, at the end of second year, I have the option of taking a specialism in electrical engineering, offshore engineering, or...
  23. M

    Specialization of cells and organelles

    Hi, I just had 2 questions. 1. In multicellular organisms, are there any undifferentiated cells besides stem cells? Do they play any significant role? 2. Why is it that smooth ER does not have ribosomes attach to it but rough ER can have ribosomes come and attach? Is there a structural...
  24. M

    Programs Which maths specialization is most useful to an EECS major interested

    I am an EECS major in first year of undergrad at university. I want to do a second major in mathematics but I have to choose a specialization. I am interested in machine learning and AI, finance, EE, CS etc. The specializations my university offers are: pure mathematics applied mathematics...
  25. N

    Engineering physics: Which specialization? Bio-phys vs applied-phys

    Hi! The time has come to choose the specialization of my EP degree, and for this occasion I hope it's OK to make a very self-centred thread :p. Here's what I study: http://www.ntnu.edu/studies/mtfyma. The 3 choices are: math, applied physics and biophysics. I don't think I want to specialize in...
  26. H

    Highest paid EE specialization

    I'm in my first 2nd year at uni, and I have to select my concentration branch of electrical engineering tomorrow. Here are the options available at my school: -Telecommunications -Automation and industrial command -Computer science -Medical electronics -Embedded systems for aerospace/avionics...
  27. E

    Most practical specialization in mechanical engineering

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what is the most practical/hands on engineering specialization in mechanical that would not require someone to stay in front of a computer 8h a day, 40h a week because that is what I've mostly been doing at my internships so far (CFD simulations, excel, tecplot)...
  28. G

    Computational physics specialization

    I really like all (most) fields of physics and I find it hard to choose a specialization for my master's and eventually my career. Is it possible to specialize in computational physics so that I could work in many different fields?
  29. fluidistic

    Programs Specialization in the last year of the undergrad degree

    Hi guys, I need sincere opinions on possible specializations for my last undergrad year. I'll keep this short. My situation is very different from what an undergrad US student or European student may have. The degree where I live lasts 5 years and corresponds to roughly a master degree for the...
  30. V

    To pursue a PhD in NE with materials specialization

    I am an undergraduate student in nuclear engineering, and I want to pursue a PhD in nuclear materials. I have research background in materials corrosion, but my undergraduate university doesn't have courses on materials science for nuclear engineering students. I have noticed that many...
  31. E

    Over specialization in aerospace graduate studies?

    Hey all, to give you some background info: I'm about to graduate with an undergrad degree in mechanical engineering and I'm planning on pursuing a graduate degree in aerospace. Originally, I was only looking at Masters programs. But I am now strongly leaning towards doing a PhD track because of...
  32. C

    Schools Research in field other than graduate school specialization?

    I know that undergraduate research is extremely helpful for graduate school, but how about research that was done in a field not directly related to what you're hoping to go to graduate school for? I'm looking at applying to PhD programs in Material Science/Materials Engineering this fall and...
  33. F

    Need help on deciding specialization within computational science

    So I decided to my masters in computational science. I chose this because the part of my undergrad that I enjoyed the most was the math/programming/numerical methods. Within Computational Science I will have to specialize and I am really not sure what I want to do, therefore I was hoping to get...
  34. C

    Which specialization is most employable?

    I'm looking at some of the CSUs in california for a MS in physics or applied physics, with a few questions. I am getting a BS in Chemistry this year from a decently ranked University of California campus, and look to get a MS in physics to help my career prospects. I chose physics because it...
  35. Z

    Confused about specialization

    I'm being asked to choose my specialization in ME (for the last 2 years of the BEng) and I'm not sure what to take--I LOVE EVERYTHING. The options are: (a) Thermo-fluids and propulsion (b) Design, manufacturing and materials science (c) Mechatronics Although I didn't like E and M too...
  36. S

    Physics What physics specialization I should do?

    i am currently an undergraduate studying physics and I've started to wonder about the future. i'm not really sure what field of physics i want to be in once i have gained more education and have become a true "Physicist." i know that i should do internships or lab research to try to discover...
  37. S

    Physics Physics: Honors, Specialization, etc What to pick?

    I am in my second year in the general science program in my university in Alberta, Canada. By the end of this school year I am supposed to declare my major/minor/specialization/etc. The only problem is that I am not totally positive yet what I want to declare. I know you guys are just going to...
  38. D

    Advice on finding math specialization

    I'll be graduating in the fall with my b.s. in math and I'd like to continue on to graduate school. I would feel better about it though if I had a clue what particular area of mathematics I wanted to specialize in. So far, in my undergraduate career, I've gotten a good working overview of the...
  39. S

    Photonics as specialization choice

    Hi all, I am a student in the final year of undergraduate course in Physics. Lately I learned about Photonics. I want to know whether it is a good choice to pursue my masters studies in it. I would be very much grateful if I am kindly informed. Also I would like to know about some good...
  40. M

    Programs Importance of specialization during masters/phd

    My main question is: When I get a masters in physics and write my thesis in, say condensed matter physics - how are the options of changing area, and maybe apply for a Ph.D. in some other field of physics, maybe elementary particles? And later on, if I choose to do my Ph.D in one subject, how...
  41. T

    Orbital Mechanics Specialization

    Hi, I'm a 4th year undergrad AE major and have been thinking about my career choices and graduate school choices a lot. Out of all the topics covered in my classes so far, I found orbital mechanics/ spacecraft mission design the most interesting. My question is, is it difficult to find...
  42. S

    Specialization: radiation shielding and reactor materials

    Is specialization in radiation shielding and reactor/reactant materials a valid area of specialization? I am just worried if the two areas are too broad or different to name as my area of specialization. I ask this because I am trying to answer my applications for area of specialization and I...
  43. D

    Engineering Electrical Engineering Specialization

    I need to choose which area to specialize in by the end of the month and I need some help. Here's some background: 3rd year BSEE at Penn State Did an REU with DSP at Utah State (specifically error correction coding) -- I really enjoyed it but academia is not for me. Did a 9 month...
  44. E

    Specialization vs. Generalization

    For some occupations, (for example: technicians, construction worker) it makes sense to have specialized knowledge. I agree for the most part it is important to specialize in a specific trade. However, for research in science and engineering, it seems as if a whole lot of information must be...
  45. G

    Is it easy for a professor to switch fields of research?

    When a professor specializes in a particular field of research, such as condensed matter physics, and wants to shift to a different field of research, such as String Theory, is it possible for him/her to just jump into the new field of research, or are there a few bureaucratic obstacles to go...
  46. P

    Programs Choosing a specialization (Physics PhD)

    Hello all, I've been lurking on the forums for awhile, and have finally decided to seek your help with a question I've been battling with. These days, it seems to be good at anything you must be very specialized - a student can no longer just study physics, but must choose astrophysics...
  47. K

    Civil Engineering with specialization in aviation or Aerospace Engineering

    I'm currently in 2nd bachelor in engineering (major mechanics and minor electrical engineering). My university offers a master in engineering with the option Aviation and Space Travel, but I can also switch to another university (in a different country) and do a master in Aerospace Engineering...
  48. D

    Specialization in Fluid Mechanics

    Hi, I'm inrolled in a mechanical engineering program at my university and one of the main specialization areas and research areas here is fluid mechanics. I'm looking at doing this, I'm drawn to the complex physics and mathematics, and aerodynamic/fluid modelling and design looks fascinating...
  49. S

    Which Engineering Specialization Is Best for a Career in Spacecraft Design?

    Well i have a choice between mechatronics, Solid Mechanics & Machine Design, manufacturing which would be the more enjoyable and more "useful" one of the two. P.S. i would love to get into a career related to space, or spacecraft design later on in my life.
  50. Pythagorean

    Schools Finding Physics Grad Schools by Specialization

    I'm looking into suggestions for physics grad school based on specialization (every search online just does it by state, which is secondary priority to me) my interests are: bose-einstein condensates, optics (maybe quantum optics), particle physics. I've heard U of Colorado is good for...