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Engineering Engineering to post graduate prospectives.

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    I am a 3rd year Electronics and electrical engineering student. Currently studying in an all engineering college my current intrests lie in microelectronics and nanotech, but i really wanted to major in physics and learn more about modern physics or astrophysics.

    Is there any scope for an engineering student to do his masters in applied sciences(physics) or any such field. What I am worried about is the job oppurtunities and admission in a good university for the same or is too late ?

    in my 3 year course i have covered subjects like physics - I , physics - II, thermodynamics, microelectronics, nanoscience, electrical science I - II, mechanics of solids(MOS) etc basically engineering based subjects.

    At this point of time I have 2 choices. Either I pursue my core intrests such as applied physics / modern physics / quantum mech ( if I can, and if so carry on the risks) or I can go for a Masters in engineering in microelectronic systems or masters in technology in nanotechnology. Any help ?
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    You can work in physics with electronics degree. Whether it's particle physics or astro-physics, electronics is always there to help out with instruments and measurement systems.
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    You can learn about physics in your own time as well. Don't think that after school is finished you're done learning.
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