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England vs Paraguay

  1. Jun 10, 2006 #1
    Sorry I'm late on the game, its early for me :) England up 1-0 at half!
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    Paraguay's playing much better in the second half...but seem to lack the finishing touch.

    Notice that Rooney's listed as a sub. There's a chance he'll get to play against Sweden or Trinidad.
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    They won, only just tho.. Why in the name did Sven take off Owen??

    Roney may play against Sweden, but he wont again Trinidad, there is no point...
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    Great team, shame about the coach. What was Erikkson thinking? Let's put pressure on Paraguay by taking off a striker?

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    1:0 for Englad afaik.
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    This was a pretty lackluster game. Both teams looked like they had a better place to be - like maybe in the shade. Tough time of day to play, I guess.

    I, too, was shocked by Sven's decision to pull Owen. Doesn't he know I have Owen picked for the 'Golden Boot'?
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    Owen with the golden boot, sounds unlikely.
    A couple of great shots right on target by Lampard (great player).
  9. Jun 11, 2006 #8
    Attack of the Clowns!!

    Beckham (Super Clown) and co. failed to impress anyone yesterday. I wouldn't brag much about that self-goal :grumpy:. On the whole, the match was simply pathetic!!
  10. Jun 11, 2006 #9
    not many (any?) people were bragging..

    we started promisingly but spent the last 60+ mins sitting in our own half, and the last 15 in our own box! we'll have a shock in the next round against any half-decent team - we were lucky that paraguay were misfiring too
  11. Jun 12, 2006 #10
    I agree the heat is the only excuse for the second half performance where England just sat back, it was just a good job a luck lustre performance was enough and that Paraguay didn't seem to want to take the match to England either, I could of quite happilly missed this game.

    Beckhams goal was a bit lucky but had the Defender not been in that precise position, England would have scored anyway, with a precision free kick like that, you make your own luck.

    Don't forget Owen was injured pre world cup and Sven may have wanted to rest him as he doesn't feel he's 100% match fit, don't know? That said I don't think Owen was particularly happy about it and had Paraguay levelled or even won Sven would be on the wrack right now, as it is Owen will be back on Thursday well rested, who knows maybe in hind sight it will appear inspired?

    Lampard was man of the match for me, if only because I woke up when his precision shooting provoked great saves from the goalkeeper, the rest of the time I was dozing :smile:
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  12. Jun 12, 2006 #11
    The Victory is all that really matters, I would like to think that England had the game well under control, at no point did i think that paraguay where ever going to score, and i think Sven was confident enough in the beleif that we wherent going to concede that he told the players to take it easy and rest for thursday.

    I hope.
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