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Entanglement possible through a higher dimension.

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    Dear everybody...

    Could it be true...
    that Entanglement is made possible because the forces between the 2 electrons are being folded through a higher dimension, so there would be an explanation for the simultaneous reaction of the 2 electrons even if there`s a astronomical distance between them???

    best regards.
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, zeebregts!

    Yes, it is possible. There is no other evidence of this "dimension" however. In addition, there are constraints on the number of dimensions, although I am not qualified to discuss those constraints.
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    Hello DrChinese...

    Thanks for the response.
    Are there other ways for entanglement to be explained even without other dimensions?

    I couldn`t think of any other way (but then again, I`m still a rookie)

    Best Regards.
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    The lack of explanations does not necessitate the creation of dimensional manifolds within our universe, but it is certainly one approach. At this point how entanglement works is still "spooky" + conjecture. Decoherence is the big game in town for the experimentalists, so the rest is left to theory.
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