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Eplenation with Load Transfer on Car Turning/ Acceleration

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    Hello, I was just hoping if someone could explain to me the reason why load transfer occurs on a car during a turn.

    I understand why this is so for braking/accelerating, but not for cornering. Thanks for the help.
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    I am guessing, correct me if I am wrong, <____[]--|--[]<____
    where ___> represent friction forces on tires. the line down the"midle"represents the weight, and of course there are the normal forces on each wheel which i did not draw. I can see by this that only the normal force on the right tire will be the one to oppose the moments (arround the center of mass?) and therfore it has to be pretty big thus also making friction larger on that side.

    Also in terms of rotation about the yaw axis how does it happen? If for some reason I get all the friction forces in the tires to be the same with aerodynamics for example will yaw occur or no?
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    Ranger Mike

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    I suggest you read Race car suspension Class in this forum to gain insight on what happens when you turn left
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