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Equation for plasma wave/light speed travel?

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    Hi guys I'm finishing up some promo art for my original comic book. You're seein it here first. But its missing something- an appropriate equation. I would like to integrate a math equation into the art. Im attempting to depict FTL travel, using qualities similar to an LWFA, the plasma being contained within a gravitational/magnetic field. Theres a considerable amount of compressed matter moving FTL. Im also looking at quantum tunneling. Trying to settle on something that feels relative(pun) and appropriate. I admit im horrible at math, so some educated help is appreciated. Im currently looking at Gedalin's(relativistic?) alfven wave equation, the magnetosonic equation, and a few others. It's art so its open to interpretation, as long as its not E=mc2. Einstien gets enough press. Thanks everyone.

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    I can't help you myself, buy this Youtube channel called PBS Space Time might help you. They have amazing videos explaining all sort of physics things and FTL travel has been a topic more than a few times. Check their playlists on Relativity and space time science to find out if they have anything useful to you
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    Thanks for the link Aiden. Good series, and hes got a great speaking voice lol. I was hoping for some more replies but looks like im on my own here. Onward and upward.
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