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Equation of radionuclide production

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    The equation of radionuclide production is as follow
    dN/dt = k - λN

    All my textbook assumes that k is a constant vale.

    for the equation to be valid,
    (iii) the flux is not decreased ... . ..
    Corrections must then be introduced.

    Please advise me that is there any reference that doing this correction.
    What form of the equation will be, is there analytic solution ?
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    Well, your k will become a k(t) where the details depend on the production process. If the production process is the decay of another nuclide, your k(t) follows the exponential decay of this, for example.
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    k usually represents a source of isotopes from nuclear fission in a reactor.
    In this case, k equals the fission yield of the isotope times the total fission source.
    The fission source is relatively constant, so k is relatively constant for a given isotope.

    I am assuming that you are learning about radioactive decay. In later courses, you will learn
    about general depletion and k will be defined explicitly.
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