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Equation to equal 25

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    Not sure where to put this...Could anyone give me a long equation to equal 25? I would like to put it on my son's birthday cake. He will be studying physics this fall in college. Thank you very much!
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    Since no one else has replied, just do this:

    [itex] \int_{0}^{5}2xdx [/itex]
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    How about the square root of 5^4.


    That should fit on a birthday cake quite succinctly :smile:

    Edit: Marne's is pretty good too.
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    Since he's going to be 25 years old, keeping the numbers '2' and '5' as the predominate numerals could be good.

    For something really succinct, you might just try

    [tex] 5^2 [/tex]

    Or if you want to get even crazier, you might try something like (slightly borrowing from MarneMath)

    [tex] \sum_{n = 0}^\infty \frac{1}{2^n} - 2e^{5i \pi} +\int_2^5 2xdx [/tex]
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    Or, throwing in a few more 2s and 5s,

    [tex] \frac{5}{2}\sum_{n = 0}^\infty \frac{1}{2^n} - e^{(2)(5)i \pi} +\int_2^5 2xdx [/tex]

    Or, if you prefer,

    [tex] \frac{5}{2}\sum_{n = 0}^\infty \frac{1}{2^n} + e^{25 i \pi} +\int_2^5 2xdx [/tex]

    Be mindful of matching the "+" vs "-" and the "(2)(5)" vs "25" in each of the "e" term of each formula. It makes a difference.
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