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Homework Help: Equations for rotational motion with constant acceleration

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    A rotating water pump works by taking water in at one side of a rotating wheel, and expelling it from the other side. If a pump with a radius of 0.120 m starts from rest and accelerates at 35.0 rad/s2, how fast will the water be traveling when it leaves the pump after it has been accelerating for 9.00 seconds?
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    [tex]\alpha[/tex] is measured in radians per second sqared [tex](rad s^{-2} )[/tex] my guess is that you are either trying to find the angular velocity or the linear velocity.

    angular acceleration = [tex]\alpha = \frac{\Delta \omega}{t}[/tex]
    angular velocity = [tex]\omega = \frac{\Delta \theta}{t}[/tex]

    the relationship between linear velocity/acceleration and angular velocity/acceleration is

    linear velocity v

    radius r

    [tex]v= r \omega[/tex] m/s

    [tex]a= r \alpha[/tex] m/[tex]s^{2}[/tex]
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