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Homework Help: Equations used in Maglev technology

  1. May 2, 2016 #1
    I need to find an equation that i can make a word problem out of. This has to be able to be used at the grade 11 level and it is for my Stse project. I tried looking in my textbook for problems to calculate something that has to do with magnetic levitation or electromagnetic but i have had no luck. please send me a link or explain to me something i could possibly use? thanks.
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    Simon Bridge

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    I don't think you are going about the assignment in a useful way.

    11th grade is 16-17yrs (that would be y11 in NZ, so senior secondary school) ... maglev is kinda senior to post-grad college engineering so that won't really help you. By 11th grade you must have seen (you are an 11th grade student right, not a teacher?) word problems before ... what sort of equations did they involve? What did they look like in general? Why not just do something like that?

    I'd suggest a problem in rotational motion, planetary/orbital motion, or ballistics.
    You could also try relativity ... basically something at the edge of your curriculum.
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    thanks for your suggestions, i will surely use this information next time :D. i wish i chose a different topic, but i was one of the last to pick the topic from a list and this seemed pretty cool anyways. I think i will just put some visual problems that have to do with electricity or electromagnetism like circuit diagrams or something. much appreciated, thanks!
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    Simon Bridge

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    If it is a topic selected from a list provided by the teacher, then that changes things a bit: you won't be expected to go into so much depth.
    You should look to your electromagnetic coursework as well as research how maglev applications work, there are different approaches.
    ... then draw a connection to your coursework.

    Have a look at this application of maglev:

    At 6:35 you get a description of how it works - and there are other demos to follow.
    The principle is demonstrable using a soda can and an electric drill.
    Once you have the terminology you can look up the relations.

    But if all you are looking for is magnetic levitation then there's other examples.
    The main trick is not to get too caught up in the big picture - isolate a simple part of the process and use that for your word-question. Someone who has just done your physics course, and passed 100%, should be able to do it so all the equations are one's you already have.
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