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Homework Help: Equilibrium Applications of Newton's Laws of Rotation

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    Hi, I am stuck on this problem, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you......

    The leaning Tower of Pisa is 55 m high and 7.0 m in diameter. The top of the tower is displaced 4.5 m from the vertical. Treating the tower as a uniform, circular cylinder, (a) what additional displacement, measured at the top, will bring the tower to the verge of toppling? (b) What angle with the vertical with the tower make at that moment? (The current rate of movement of the top is 1 mm/year.)
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    Find the c.m. of the tower. At what point will the c.m. be directly above the lower right corner of the tower (at the 7 m mark)? This is where it will become unstable due to the overturning torque from the tower's weight not being able to countered by the ground support force and torque that will no longer exist.
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