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Homework Help: Equilibrium Uniform Ladder Problem

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    Hey, I'm having trouble with an equilibrium problem different than the ones I've previously done. Partially because I can't seem to find the clockwise/counterclockwise forces to balance.

    A uniform ladder has a mass of 16kg (156.8N) and a length of 8.5m. It stands on the ground and leans against a vertical wall, making an angle of 62 degrees with the ground. The friction between the ladder and the wall is not significant. What is the smallest force of friction between the ladder and the ground which will just prevent the ladder from slipping?

    Currently I have:

    and I dont know where to go from there or if that is even how I should start.

    Noah Jordan
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    You may want to use the search option, since there are at least 10 threads containing this problem in the last 20 days. :smile:
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    how can I use the search function to find the threads?
    what terms would I search?

    thanks again
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    thanks very much
    that helped alot!:smile:
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