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Estimating p-value for Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test

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    I'm trying to estimate the p-value range for a Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test using a "www.dekasinthevents.org/images/wtable.jpg"[/URL]. For example:

    Ho: M1 = M2
    Ha: M1 < M2
    alpha = 0.05
    n = 17

    I calculated W = 62 and the rejection region W <= 41. So I would reject Ho.

    But I'm also required to know how to come to a conclusion using the estimated p-value that's supposed to come from the [PLAIN]"www.dekasinthevents.org/images/wtable.jpg"[/URL]. In a t-test using a t-table I would look at the t-table at the row with the right degrees of freedom and see where my test statistic would fall in. When I try to do this with a Wilcoxon test and a W-alpha table it gives me conclusion that contradicts the one I get from the test itself.

    Any ideas on how to estimate the p-value properly from the W-alpha table? Thanks.
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    How do you know that the rejection region is W <= 41? "41" is nowhere on the table on row "n=17".
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