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Estimating stiffness spring represented by interatomic force.

  1. Dec 9, 2013 #1
    Part 1:
    Below about 80 K the heat capacity at constant volume for hydrogen gas (H2) is 3/2k per molecule, but at higher temperatures the heat capacity increases to 5/2k per molecule due to contributions from rotational energy states. Use these observations to estimate the distance between the hydrogen nuclei in an H2 molecule.

    Part 2: At about 2000K, the specific heat at constant volume for hydrogen gas (H2) increases to 7/2k per molecule due to contributions from vibrational energy states. Use the observations to estimate the stiffness of the spring that approximately represents the interatomic force.

    If you guys could give hints/help at all that'd be awesome. I'm looking for a start point or anything that may lead me to solving this. Thanks!
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    This is not the right place for asking homework questions. Furthermore, if you are going to ask questions about homework problems, forum's rules require you to show your best attempt at solving the problem.

    If you are completely lost as to where to start, at least try to state how you understand the problem, what is going to be relevant, etc. You should not expect people on this forum to just hand out hints to you without you making at least an attempt at doing the work yourself.

    Other than that, though, these are straight forward enough problems for somebody to help you with, as soon as you comply with forum's rules.
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