Medical Eternal sunshine of the whatever

eternal sunshine of the.... whatever

i just saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and iwas wondering.... can you actually forget some girl using hypnosis?
Re: eternal sunshine of the.... whatever

Not sure, but there are a couple I tried to forget in ways less healthy than hypnosis, with less than optimal results. The best method seems to involve meeting another. :!!)

I apologize if this is a serious post, I feel your suffering--there was one in my early 30's who I still think of from time to time. But for 6 months my life was absolutely miserable. After a year, I begen to get some normalcy back.
Re: eternal sunshine of the.... whatever

easiest way to forget is to find another girl
Re: eternal sunshine of the.... whatever

i am asking is a medical question. can a human mind, even one very receptive of hypnosis, forget something or something painful under it's influence? i mean some people who been through an accident or some such trauma don't remember what happened.

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