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Evaluate an Infinite Series in Closed Form

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    My question is one of vocabulary. What does it mean to evaluate an infinite series in closed form?

    If I have a Series: [tex]\Sigma[/tex] 1/ (N2), as N goes from 1 to infinity.

    This is similar to a test question I'm working on so, I DO NOT want to know how to solve it, I just want to know exactly what is meant by evaluating an infinite series in closed form.
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    Tom Mattson

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    "Expressed in closed form" means "expressed as sum of finitely many well-understood functions".

    Here's an example. Let [itex]|x|<1[/itex]. Then,


    The expression on the left hand side is an infinite series, but the expression on the right is in closed form.
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    Thank You!
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