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I Evidence to support the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis?

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    I am aware of the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis, but what evidence do we have to support this theory? Sources are very much appreciated. Thanks!
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    The simple fact that Big Bang (I presume you meant this) nucleosynthesis predicts a primordial 75% H and 25% He ratio, which is exactly what is observed. Start with Steven Weinberg's "The First Three Minutes". For more technical information consult papers by David Schramm, Michael Turner or Rocky Kolb.
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    Ken G

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    Assuming you did mean stellar nucleosynthesis, there is a mountain of evidence. Indirect evidence includes the geological history of Earth, which shows that the surface temperature has not changed dramatically in billions of years. Stellar nucleosynthesis is the only theory we currently have that involves laboratory tested physics that could explain that. Direct evidence involves detection of solar neutrinos. In fact, the established field of neutrino oscillations was born by looking at the discrepancy between predictions and observations surrounding solar neutrinos.
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    Are you asking for empirical evidence in support of the idea that fusion reactions are taking place inside the cores of stars?
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