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Excel date column export into Matlab

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    Hi everybody,
    I need assistance. I have excel file that conntains a date column and another column. I wish to plot the date on x axis and the second column on y axis. I wrote the matlab code below.

    This is my code. data=xlsread('DataTest','Sheet1'); q=data(:,2); time=data(:,1);

    Error message

    Attempted to access data(:,2); index out of bounds because size(data)=[193,1].

    Matlab is not reading the first column of the excel file that contains the date so it takes the second column as the first column as a result it could not find second column. Please help
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    As a workaround, what happens if you add an empty column in the spreadsheet?
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    Thanks Kreil,
    I have succeeded in using datenum. See the code below
    datecol = 1; wt(:,datecol) = wt(:,datecol) + datenum('30-Dec-1899'); x=wt(:,1); qo=wt(:,2); plot(x,qo);

    How do I use datetick to get the x (date axis) in day-month-year ('dd-mmm-yyyy') format?
    Thanks Isa
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    datetick is a function for adding the date to tick labels on a plot.

    Use the datestr() function to reverse what datenum() does. For example,

    Code (Text):

    >> d = datenum('30-Dec-1899')

    d =


    >> datestr(d)

    ans =

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