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Excel - linest function with blanks help

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    Ive been trying to use the linest function with blanks but I cant get it to work... (specifically =INDEX(LINEST(E6:E16,A6:A16^{1,2,3}),1). Here A6:A16 is a number increasing in increments of 1 between 25 to 35, and E6:E16 is only filled if the corresponding measurment is made. Does anyone know how to do this? I attach a screen shot

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    LINEST can be expressed in terms of more basic functions, if the built-in function does not work. Alternatively, you can make a second list with only the measured values.
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    The solution to this is non-trivial. The following should work, but it is an array function. This means, when you place it, you must press Ctrl+Shift+Enter, rather than Enter.

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    I'm not sure what "^{1,2,3}" was supposed to do, but I'm sure you can incorporate that through careful editing of the above expression.
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