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Homework Help: Microsoft VBA Excel help! (Please)

  1. Feb 25, 2008 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and just need some quick help on a VBA assignment if anyone has some spare time.

    I have three questions I need answered. They all take place in the latest version of Microsoft Excel, VBA.

    1. I need a small 20-line chunk of code explained in detail: what it does, line by line, etc. The code will be provided later.

    2. I need coding for a do loop that processes array cells. The macro coding is to be done in Microsoft Excel (latest version) with VBA. Specifically, I need coding for a macro that will compare one 3x3 matrix with another 3x3 matrix and if a given cell in the second array has a value as least as large as the value of the cell in the first array, to colour the cell in the second array.

    3. I require a VBA Macro (the coding and an excel file) for a value calculation in a 3 step decision tree with probabilities given. More details (the excel file in question) will be given once contact has been made.

    Thanks to anyone who can help, I really appreciate it.
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    Where's the code?

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