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Excitation to higher energy levels

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    If an electron gets excited from K to L shell, it will actually finish in the 2p subshell and then deexcite to 2s and 1s at the end, right?
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    It 'can' de-excite from 2p-2s or it 'can' directly de-excite to 1s. Same applies to excitation.
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    But that doesn't seem to follow the selection rules.
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    Which rules are you talking about?
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    Not sure what the question is, if there is one. :smile:

    Are you maybe asking, "If an atom decays from 2p to 2s, then how does the 2s subsequently decay to 1s, since this violates the rule for allowed transitions?"

    From http://www.tapir.caltech.edu/~chirata/ay102/Atomic.pdf: [Broken]

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    Great. Thanks.
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