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A Expectation operation for covariance calculation

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    If E[wwH]=T, where w is a zero-mean row-vector and H is the Hermitian transpose then assuming that H is another random matrix, it holds that
    E[H w (H w)H] = T H HH or T E[H HH] ??

    In other words, the expectation operation still holds as in the latter expression or vanishes as in the second equality above ??

    Thank you in advance.
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    It cannot be the case that ##E[Hw(Hw)^H]=THH^H## because the LHS is not a random variable, whereas the RHS is.

    We can write ##E[Hw(Hw)^H]=E[Hww^HH^H]## but what, if anything, can be done from there depends on what we know about ##w##. Is ##w## a random variable? If so, do we know anything about its distribution other than that each of its components has zero mean?
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