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Experimental proof of Unruh Effect

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    What would be a great experimental setup to test for Unruh effect? is it real or not?

    It has huge consequence because if it were true, vacuum or even particles are just mirage.. because in an empty box.. steady observers would see nothing while accelerating observer would see it full of hot gasses of particles.
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    Simon Bridge

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    There are quite a lot of articles online about possible methods to detect the Unruh effect - which have you seen so far?
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    Wha info I wish to acquire now is what theorem makes Unruh Effect necessarily required.. is it a necessity akin to how the higgs field are necessary to solve certain symmetry considerations in the wave equations?

    Unruh effect can give big boost to the theory the quantum vacuum or even particles are just mirage.
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    Simon Bridge

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    There are a lot of articles online which address this question - some quite directly.

    An example:
    "the effect is necessary for consistency of the respective descriptions of observed phenomena, such as particle decay, in inertial and in accelerated reference frames"
    -- Scholarpedia
    ... there are many that go into more detail than that.

    To best help you, we need to know which you have read and how they fail to answer your question.
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    I saw how wiki stated that "The existence of Unruh radiation is not universally accepted. Some claim that it has already been observed,[12] while others claims that it is not emitted at all.[13] While the skeptics accept that an accelerating object thermalises at the Unruh temperature, they do not believe that this leads to the emission of photons, arguing that the emission and absorption rates of the accelerating particle are balanced."

    I presumed that if Unruh radiation were not universally accepted.. It means Unruh effect not universality accepted too. But are these two related such that one's nonexistence would automatically be another's nonexistence as well?
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    Simon Bridge

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    The radiation and the effect (as used by wikipedia) do not have to occur together. The passage you left out was:
    "Although Unruh's prediction that an accelerating detector would see a thermal bath is not controversial, the interpretation of the transitions in the detector in the non-accelerating frame are." (my emph)
    i.e. The effect is what the non-inertial observer measures, while the radiation is believed to be what an inertial observer will measure ... some people, according to the article, dispute that there is a net emission from an accelerating object. Thus the effect itself is not in dispute.
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