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Explanation as to how superconductivity works

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    Could someone give me a good explanation as to how superconductivity works. Feel free to be very technical.

    Thanks :smile:
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    Re: Superconductivity

    This is VERY vague. We can't teach you something that covers whole books.

    In this age of web information, have you tried looking this up? What you have gathered on your own, and what did specific items did you not understand? This is a simple, more direct way for most of us to answer, rather than wanting a broad lesson.

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    Re: Superconductivity

    A good starting point would be to learn about BCS (Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer) theory, which explains superconductivity in "conventional" (critical temperature approximately Tc < 30 K) superconductors such as mercury (originally used by Kamerlingh Onnes in the discovery of superconductivity) and NbTi alloys (commonly used in applications).

    The general field in which BCS-theory works is statistical field theory.
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    Re: Superconductivity

    Thanks CompuChip, I will be sure to look into what you have said.
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