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Exponents relating to linear equations- help!

  1. Nov 4, 2007 #1
    So I need to find the equation of the line passing through (1,∏) (∏₂,∏⁴) sorry, the two would only do sub script not super script but does represent squared.

    So I had to find the gradient first, so that I could then sub that along with x and y into y=mx+c but I got stuck trying to find the gradient because there is pi4-pi2 / pi2-1.

    How do i figure this out? i tried two things and ended up with pi - 1/pi and then pi2-3.. neither of these seem like gradients??????
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    never mind! i figured it out- it was m= pi2-3, and i ended up with an answer of y=pi2(x) which was correct!! :)
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