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Homework Help: Expression for a critically damped system

  1. Sep 1, 2008 #1
    man..i have 5 questions on SHM with damping..and it so difficult..it seem that the book have little coverage on this..

    A system, which is critically damped, has zero displacement at time t=0 and receive an impulse which gives it an intially velocity V. Obtain an expression for the maximum displacment in the subsequent motion.

    i will be using

    x=A exp (-rt/2m) + B*t* exp (-rt/2m) --------------> equation 1

    I know that A is the amplitude...but what is B?

    at t=0, displacement = 0
    substitute the values in equation 1 will get

    next, it said that it has an initial velocity = V at t=0.

    so i think i need to express x into velocity...so i need to differentiate dx/dt

    x(t)=A exp (-rt/2m) + B*t* exp (-rt/2m)

    dx/dt = (A) [-r/2m exp (-rt/2m)] + ( i don't know how to differentiate here...can help me..?)

    i think after i differentiate the dx/dt, that will be
    V= something...then i will put t= 0 and x= 0

    all the values i will get will be put back to equation 1...

    what i am tryging to do correct?
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    You're on the right lines and what you have done thus far is correct. To differentiate the second term in your expression for displacement, you need to use the product rule.
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    been six years i touch math...so sorry..

    here i try again...
    dx/dt = (A) [-r/2m exp (-rt/2m)] + B + [-r/2m exp (-rt/2m)]


    V= (A) [-r/2m exp (-rt/2m)] + B + [-r/2m exp (-rt/2m)]

    substitute t=0, A= 0, B=V

    x=A exp (-rt/2m) + B*t* exp (-rt/2m)


    x maximum= Vt exp (-rt/2m)

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