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    PhET - Default Damping Value?

    PhET: Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Coding a numerical approximation for a damped pendulum

    Hi there. I have a question about the damped pendulum. I am working on an exercise where I have already numerically approximated the solution for a simple pendulum without dampening. Now, the excercise says that I can simply change the code of this simple situation to describe a pendulum with...
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    Fortran Moving Dashpot simulation

    Hi there im really new into programiing thing, and im trying to make program of this problem usin FORTRAN I want the output to be Time,poisiton,velocity and contact force and i already know = amplitude U = velocity of the car d = rail distance and so far this is my program...
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    Sizing of a damping - spring - mass system

    Hello All, I have come across a problem, which has troubled me for some time now. What needs to be done is the following: A mass on a rod 0.6m (mass less) has a mass of 1 kgr attached at the end of it. The rod needs to be rotated 60 degrees, within t=120 sec (see image). What I would like to...
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    I Difference between transient and steady state solution

    In driven SHM, we ignore an entire section of the solution to the differential equation claiming that it disappears once the system reaches a steady state. Can someone elaborate on this?
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    Complex Solutions to Oscillations

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I tried differentiating both sides of 3 and re-arranging it such that it started to look like equation 2, however i got stuck with 2 first order terms z' and couldn't find a way to manipulate it into a function z. I then...