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Extracurricular activities on Grad School Applications

  1. Dec 2, 2011 #1
    Lets say you are a prospective applicant to an Engineering Grad School: What sorts of ECAs should you get involved in that make you look attractive to phd programs and where exactly do you put them ( resume?)? I mean things like : Volunteering, research in a different subject, part-time jobs, student editor and stuff like that?
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    Put in research and part-time jobs if they're related to the field (put in research regardless if it's in your field or not). Graduate admissions are different than undergraduate admissions.
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    Ok so If I've gotten a publication in a Language journal that's still going to help, despite the fact that its not pertinent to engineering?
    So basically its pointless to do ECAs for the sake of your graduate application unless its adding to relevant skills?
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