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Homework Help: Extremely Quick Question (2 or 1 second)

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    Just a quick question about glass.. I bought a glass piece that is supposed to heat up to around 200 degrees celsius (it's tempered). I noticed that the glass has some bubbles in it. My question is..will the heat cause the the air in those bubbles to expand enough that they explode? Thx
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    Well I guess it would depend ont he size of the air bubbles, the heat would probably cause it to expand, but wether it would cause the glass to crack I think it down to the size of the bubbles.
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    They have a radius of about a third of a millimeter..
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    The glass was formed at temperatures higher than 200C with the air bubbles already in there. So if they didn't explode when it was being cooled, they won't explode when it's heated up. What will cause it to break is stresses in the glass if you heat it up too fast, even if it is tempered. Take it easy.
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    If you can trust the company who produced the glass then you can fairly certainly trust the glass, if not...
    And wear goggles! :tongue:
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    thanks! :)
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