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F = MA Contest and physics olympiad prep

  1. Dec 22, 2009 #1

    I was just wondering as to how I can prepare myself for the F=ma contest and other preliminary competitions that are part of the physics olympiad. Besides doing past F=ma tests, is there any other way to prepare? (this question is specifically targeted to those who have participated in the US physics olympiad, but any input is appreciated). thanks!
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    Just do a lot of problems. There are past tests online. I found the F=ma test was very similar to physics GREs--at least in terms of the mechanics. The later tests are much different, being free response. Those are what you really should study for if you hope to get far in IPhO. Building intuition with free response questions should also build intuition in solving the multichoice F=ma type problems.
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    How can I find the F=ma tests? They might be good for practice
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