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An Olympiad (Greek: Ὀλυμπιάς, Olympiás) is a period of four years associated with the Olympic Games of the Ancient Greeks. Although the Ancient Olympic Games were established during Archaic Greece, it was not until the Hellenistic period, beginning with Ephorus, that the Olympiad was used as a calendar epoch. Converting to the modern BC/AD dating system, the first Olympiad began in the summer of 776 BC and lasted until the summer of 772 BC, when the second Olympiad would begin with the commencement of the next games. Thus, Olympiad N for N less than 195 started in the year



{\displaystyle 780-4\times N}
BC and ended four years later. For N greater than 194, Olympiad N started in AD



{\displaystyle 4\times N-779}
and ended four years later.
By extrapolation, the
1st year of the 700th Olympiad began (or will begin) around June 21, 2021.
A modern Olympiad refers to a four-year period beginning January 1 of the year the Olympic Summer Games are normally held. The first modern Olympiad began January 1, 1896, the second January 1, 1900, and so on (the 32nd began January 1, 2020: see the Olympic Charter).
The ancient and modern Olympiads would have synchronised had there been a year zero between the Olympiad of 4 BC and the one of 4 AD. But as the Julian calendar goes directly from 1 BC to 1 AD, the ancient Olympic cycle now lags the modern cycle by one year.

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  1. imbumb

    B Jaan Kalda kinematics -- Radius of Curvature of a Cycloid

    Cycloid is a curve which can be defined as a trajectory of a point marked on the rim of a rolling wheel or radius R. Determine the curvature radius of such curve at its highest point. what you need to do is to equate 4v²/r with v²/R and to get that r=4R but i dont understand why the answer...
  2. J

    Other Math Olympiad Advice Please (I will be 13 years old next year in 9th grade)

    Hi! I am 12, and will be a 13 in 9th grade ( I skipped 6th grade). I have a curiosity for mathematics and have started preparing to take the AMC 10 and 12 exams. I enjoy solving the ingeniously crafted problems, as I share the sentiment of many math competitors of not being challenged by the...
  3. D

    MHB Free Math Tutoring Videos Focusing on Math Olympiad, Calculus, and High School Math

    Dear members in this nice community, Let me introduce myself first. My name is Derek Liang, and I am from Canada. I hold a bachelor degree in math education, a PhD in math from China and a PhD in applied math from Canada. I have more than twenty years of experience teaching and tutoring math at...
  4. SayedD

    Interpreting the Conservation of Momentum in a Splitting Object Scenario

    My method is silly but here is my attempt Initially we know that the kinetic energy is k = ##1/2mv^2## and the final kinetic energy at the moment before splitting is equal to ##(k + 3k/16)mv^2_1 = (19k/16)mv^2_1##. Substituting the value k to the second equation gives us ##v_1 =...
  5. jedishrfu

    B Documentary on the International Math Olympiad

    and the associated movie staring Asa Butterfield as Nathan Ellis (Daniel Lightwing in the documentary) You can find the movie on Amazon Prime Video as a Prime movie.
  6. G

    Olympiad dynamics problem with 3 masses and a pulley

    Hello all, this is an adaptation of a question i saw some time ago (can't find the original now). There are two forces acting on two masses both 1kg. The masses are joined by an inextendable rope and going over a frictionless pulley of negigible mass. In blue I have written in some working out...
  7. esolol

    Other Why do I perform badly at the Informatics Olympiad?

    I am a girl and I like computer science and I always do a variety of things, e.g., artificial intelligence, web development, but when it comes to competitive programming or informatics olympiad competitions, i just suck at them, i participated in them for like 2 years already and I never enter...
  8. SayedD

    Olympiad Projectile Problem

    So using the projectile equation I got ##a\sin (\alpha + \beta) = v\sin (\alpha + \beta)t + \frac{g\sin \beta t^2}{2}## To find t we use the other projectile equation: Since the horizontal velocity must be 0 for it to hit the ground perpendicularly we set the equation to be: ##0 = v\sin (\alpha...
  9. sysprog

    I Olympiad Problem -- Revisiting the problem with 3 blocks and a pulley

    I was researching a problem that had once been posted here by someone else, and that had subsequently been posted (couched in somewhat different terms) here by me, and in doing the research, I ran across the following, which I think is the well-stated 'original version' of the problem. The...
  10. A

    Classical Which problem book to do for Physics Olympiad?

    Hi there, I know this question has been asked a million times but I need some help. Essentially, I am studying for F=MA/UsaPhO with the goal to make camp or IPhO(?) this year. I have begun studying with University Physics with Modern Physics, and yesterday read the first chapter of the E&M...
  11. R

    Any past physics olympians here?

    I really would like to know the process of your preparation... Like how and when you started preparing, what growth you saw in your problem solving capacity and so on. Kindly share about the beautiful journey. If possible, give me some tips/resources as I'm also an aspiring olympian.
  12. P

    Understanding Voltage Distribution in AC Circuits

    The problem is shown below: (I am only asking about part b) ^Above is the problem. Below is the solution to part b. They have claimed that we can set potential at C = D = u(t), and A=B=0. Why is this claim true? What I realize: By applying Kirchoff's across ACDB, Voltage across C1 = Voltage...
  13. Frouel

    How can I solve this physics problem step by step?

    I attended to many attemps and I not able to find out no dependencies in this layout. Does someone can show me how to solve this problem step by step? What we must take into considarion in solving such tasks?. How to start?. I got stuck. This task is from Polish Physics Olympics.
  14. P

    What chapters should I study from Kleppner for IPhO?

    What chapters should I study from kleppner for ipho?
  15. KingOfDirewolves

    Intro Physics Competitive Physics by Jinhui Wang and Bernard Ricardo

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/9813235187/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Should I use this book to prepare for the Physics Olympiad?
  16. KingOfDirewolves

    Intro Physics What textbooks should I do in Physics if I'm in High School

    I'm currently in High School and I want to learn Physics for clearing our local Physics Olympiad then possibly the IPhO. I'm a 11th Grade Student in India. My math is quite strong so I have no problem is using Calculus. I have also noticed that my problem solving skills improve only when I do...
  17. A

    I Math olympiad -- Sample problems please?

    Im just looking for someone to explain me some problems
  18. Gundyam

    Chain Hangs Over a Pulley and Starts Moving

    Homework Statement: A chain hangs over a pulley. Part of it rests on a table, and another part rests on the floor. When released, the chain begins to move and soon reaches a certain constant speed v. Can we find the height h of the table? I think this question need some tricks. I've tried some...
  19. trienebutdiene

    2020 US National Chemistry Olympiad

    Summary: Thread for discussing the USNCO and how to do well on it. More specifically, tips for doing well on the national round and making the study camp are welcome. Anyone with experience with the olympiad is welcome to post, especially previous study camp qualifiers and honors/high honors...
  20. D

    Studying Competing in the International Physics Olympiad

    As I stated in the title, I'm trying to compete at the physics Olympiad and hopefully walk away with a decent ranking. I am currently a sophomore at a mediocre high school; I'm taking this Olympiad physics class for preparation. The course is once a week for 3 hours that is covering...
  21. R

    Intro Physics Need Help in Physics Olympiad prep

    Hello, can anyone give me the names of some textbooks or other study materials that can help me self study for the physics olympiad. I have never taken a physics class as I am only in 9th grade. My main aim for now is just to pass the F=ma exa ( The initial olympiad exam in the US) so if you...
  22. U

    Prepare for National Physics Olympiad in India: Tips for High School Students

    I am a new member here and decided to join Physics Forums to get help to prepare for Physics Olympiads. I am a high school sophomore. Going to be a junior soon. I have taken advanced Math classes via MIT OCW and the internet. I am also proficient with Mechanics, but nothing international...
  23. KushalBhanot

    How can I prepare for Physics Olympiad 2018 in the best way?

    Hi ! Please suggest me some preparation methods and books . My relatively strong part is mechanics . I am really looking forward to improve every topic of the syllabus . It would really be awesome if you would guide me with your wisdom . Also , if there are some experiences that you might want...
  24. F

    Classical Oscillation practice problems for Olympiad

    What are some books on mechanical oscillations for olympiad?(especially problems, not theory)
  25. D

    Intro Physics Need a good Thermodynamics book for science olympiad

    My event description is "Create a device that retains heat prior to the event and answer thermodynamics questions". This is a high school to 1st year college level competition. I just need a textbook with the basic information on Thermodynamics as well as some information on insulation and the...
  26. snate

    What Determines the Maximal Elongation of a Spring in a Pulley System?

    Homework Statement 2 bricks of mass m are located near the edge of a smooth horizontal surface, they are connected by an ideal weightless ,unstretched spring with a length of l0 and spring constant k. The brick which is closer to the edge is connected to another brick of the same mass by an...
  27. Mathysics29

    Olympiad problem -- Sum involving many square roots....

    √(2-√(2^(2)-1))+√(4-√(4^(2)-1))+√(6-√(6^(2)-1))+...+√(80-√(80^(2)-1)) How the find it's value
  28. T

    Math olympiad products question

    Homework Statement ok here is another problem that wrecked me in todays olympiad find smallest integer n such that 5 (32 + 22)(34 + 24)(38 + 28)...(32n + 22n) > 9256 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution ok once again how am i supposed to start does writing 3 = 2+1 help? i don't see...
  29. T

    What are the possible values of m in the equation 3m + 3n - 8m - 4n! = 680?

    Homework Statement this problem came out in the math olympiad i took today and i got completely wrecked by this consider the following equation where m and n are positive integers: 3m + 3n - 8m - 4n! = 680 determine the sum all possible values of m: Homework Equations not sure which The...
  30. T

    Can this Basic Math Olympiad Problem be Solved without Calculus?

    <Moderator's note: moved from a technical forum, so homework template missing.> so this is the question. i want to know if there is a solution without using calculus maybe trig substitution maybe other methods? i tried trig substitition i let u = √2 cosx and v be sinx am i on the right track
  31. T

    B Math olympiad basic number theory problem

    so this is the question: let a and b be real numbers such that 0<a<b. Suppose that a3 = 3a -1 and b3 = 3b -1. Find the value of b2 -a. initially my line of thinking was that just solve the equation x3 - 3x +1 = 0 and take the roots which are more than 0 and then after that i got stuck ok that...
  32. T

    2008 us physics olympiad pendulum in electric field

    1. Homework Statement i was solving the 2008 semi final us physics olympiad paper when i got stuck on question B2 in part 2 http://www.aapt.org/Programs/contests/upload/olympiad_2008_semi-final_soln.pdf the link takes you a pdf with questions and solution however i don't understand the soution...
  33. anemone

    MHB Olympiad Inequality Challenge

    Let $a,\,b$ and $c$ be non-negative real numbers such that $a+b+c=1$. Prove that \sum_{cyclic}\sqrt{4a+1} \ge \sqrt{5}+2.
  34. anemone

    MHB Can You Solve the Olympiad Inequality Challenge with Positive Real Numbers?

    Given that $a,\,b$ and $c$ are positive real numbers. Prove that \frac{a^3+b^3+c^3}{3abc}+\frac{8abc}{(a+b)(b+c)(c+a)}\ge 2.
  35. O

    Book on thermodynamics for International Physics Olympiad?

    Hi! I'm a junior in high school studying for the IPhO and I've started learning thermodynamics as part of my preparation. I have a guide to the exam that says things like this will be tested: Carnot engine Kirchhoff's law Wien's law Stefan's law Stefan-Boltzmann law Newton's law of cooling...
  36. sidt36

    Kinetics problem from olympiad

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Is the question asking the concentration when the system has reached its half life Can use the half life formula?[/B]The Attempt at a Solution So 1/cT + 1/co = kt 1/(4 *10-2) + 1/x = k(half life time) Is this the right approach Please help me...
  37. R

    Other Preparing for The International Physics Olympiad

    i want to know how much calculus and physics i should know and is it allow to use graphing calculator .
  38. D

    Testing Preparing for Physics Olympiads: Tips and Resources

    Guys, My teacher told me that i have to study for physics olympiad this year, but he is too busy too teach me intensively, so what should i do for my preparation?
  39. C

    Physics olympiad problem -- struggling with polar coordinates

    Homework Statement This is a physics olympiad problem; and I am still struggling with it. I will quote it here: " A particle moves along a horizontal track following the trajectory $$r=r_{0}e^{-k\theta}$$, where $$\theta$$ is the angle made by the position vector with the horizontal. Recall...
  40. Ankit Chowdhury

    Classical Which book is better for the physics olympiad?

    Which book is better for mechanics of physics Olympiad- 1)Introduction to mechanics by Kleppner-D.-Kolenkow-R.J.- or 2)Introduction to classical mechanics by David Morin. And for Emag 1)Electricity and Magnetism by Purcell and Morin or 2)Introduction to Electrodynamics by Griffiths For...
  41. T

    Olympiad-Type Math Problems: Is Coaching Necessary?

    It is no doubt that these type of problems are very different to problems one would find in a maths textbook. I find them extremely challenging even after done a Master degree in mathematics. However, the solutions make a lot of sense after reading them. I am coaching a high school student in...
  42. M

    Is it possible to ever be a mathematician if I struggle with Olympiad problems?

    Hi there, When I was a child I had a natural inclination towards numbers and learned numbers before alphabets. However, due to bad teaching, I lost interest in the subject but still managed to score good marks in it throughout school. When I came to pre university classes, I regained some of my...
  43. M

    Project Olympiad" in Bosnia: Seeking Innovative Energy Projects

    Hello, I'm high school student and I'm looking for energy project for "Project Olympiad" in Bosnia and Herzegowina. It has to be something already invented but very attractive and I will change something,make it different from original. Does someone know something not very hard,but also not simple?
  44. H

    Physics Olympiad question resistance and Electric circuit

    Homework Statement In the fig all resistors have resistance R. If pd of V is applied across AB. 1)What is the outcome of joining C and D 2)Whats is the pd across CO 3)what is the resistance across A and B 4)What is the resistance across AO Homework Equations V=IR 1/∑R=1/R1 +1/R2 The Attempt...
  45. H

    Physics Olympiad question Electric circuit

    Homework Statement In the Circuit(pic attached) the following resistor combination is found. All the resistrs in the figure has resistance R ohms. What is the total resistance across AB? Homework Equations V=IR 3. The attempt at a Solution between point A and B there is only one resistor so i...
  46. faiziqb12

    Olympiad Physics: Explaining the Correct Answer

    A problem came in the previous years Olympiad :: if we go inside a mine and drop 10 lb iron ball and 1 lb allumunium ball from top of a high platform, then 1. both will reach the ground at same time 2. 1 lb weight will reach the floor first 3. 10 lb weight will reach the floor first 4...
  47. I

    Physics Challenge Question: Stability on a Cylinder

    Homework Statement A solid cube of side ##l = r*pi/2## and of uniform density is placed on the highest point of a cylinder of radius ##r## as shown in the attached figure. If the cylinder is sufficiently rough that no sliding occurs, calculate the full range of the angle through which the block...
  48. L = K - U

    An olympiad student interested in Cambridge

    Hi to everyone, this is my first post in this forum. I am really stressed and confused at the moment. I really need help from a Cambridge student/teacher/alumni. (This is going to be a long post, so bear with me) I am a Thai student, who was in the top finals of Thailand's Physics Olympiad...
  49. T

    Problem solving skills for Physics Olympiad

    I am trying to do well in this year's National Physics Olympiad here to qualify for the APhO and IPhO team. So I need to increase my skill of solving physics problems. What books are the best for physics problems and also teaches the problem solving skills? I am already studying University...