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The International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) is an annual physics competition for high school students. It is one of the International Science Olympiads. The first IPhO was held in Warsaw, Poland in 1967.
Each national delegation is made up of at most five student competitors plus two leaders, selected on a national level. Observers may also accompany a national team. The students compete as individuals, and must sit for intensive theoretical and laboratory examinations. For their efforts the students can be awarded gold, silver, or bronze medals or an honourable mention.
The theoretical examination lasts 5 hours and consists of three questions. Usually these questions involve more than one part. The practical examination may consist of one laboratory examination of five hours, or two, which together take up the full five hours.

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  1. A

    Classical Which problem book to do for Physics Olympiad?

    Hi there, I know this question has been asked a million times but I need some help. Essentially, I am studying for F=MA/UsaPhO with the goal to make camp or IPhO(?) this year. I have begun studying with University Physics with Modern Physics, and yesterday read the first chapter of the E&M...
  2. U

    New member, need help with Physics Olympiads

    I am a new member here and decided to join Physics Forums to get help to prepare for Physics Olympiads. I am a high school sophomore. Going to be a junior soon. I have taken advanced Math classes via MIT OCW and the internet. I am also proficient with Mechanics, but nothing international...
  3. R

    Other Preparing for The International Physics Olympiad

    i want to know how much calculus and physics i should know and is it allow to use graphing calculator .
  4. D

    Physics olympiad

    Does anyone knows links for physics olympiads ,lecture notes,problems ech?
  5. L

    Relativity text for Physics Olympiad

    Hi, I'm a 12th grade student from India, preparing for the Physics Olympiad. I've only a basic idea of Special Relativity, while the syllabus includes topics such as the relativistic Doppler effect, so I want to study up a bit. What text do you recommend? Please not one of those old texts...
  6. S

    What is a good way to train for the USAPhO?

    What is a good way to train for the USAPhO? I know doing a lot of problems is KEY, but I was wondering along the lines of the best books. I have Halliday and Resnick as well as University Physics (don't ask why >_>) so I was wondering if doing these books is enough to become a semi finalist...
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    VCE Olympiad Physics

    Hi, everyone Next year I'm thinking of doing a Physics Olympiad course, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows a good way of becoming a physics genius in about the space of a year. I have all the Feynman Lectures but are there any other really good physics books that might be useful (perhaps...
  8. R

    Questions of Physics Olympiad

    1. For a gas if p and v denote the co-efficient of volume expansion at a constant pressure and coefficient of pressure at a constant volume respectively, then 1)p>v 2)p<v 3)p=v 4)p=0 and v=0 2. The horizontal component(H), vertical component (V) and total intensity (I) of the...
  9. daniel_i_l

    Physics olympiad

    I found past questions here:" [Broken] Were can I find the answers? Also, were can I find similar kinds of questions? Thanks.
  10. C

    Testing Physics Olympiad US physics team qualifying exam

    Is there a place i could find the qualifying exam questions from the past years for practice?
  11. D

    Physics Olympiad

    Hi, I did the Olympiad this week and I found it very hard. Does anyone know what the percentages needed for the awards are. Also can anyone remember any of the parts of Question 1 as I found it very hard and i wanted to ask my neighbour who is a physics lecturer about it
  12. J

    British Physics Olympiads - intellectual masochism for the scientifically oriented

    Has anybody here done one of these? I just did the paper 2 and I feel like my brain's going to dribble out of my nose. ok, so the questions weren't quite that hard, but it was still evil (still, considering a gold is something like 50% - 60% so I don't suppose I did badly compared to...
  13. S

    For the Physics Olympiads

    Hey you knowledgable physics guys....what books are good for the Physics Plympiads? (the U.S. one)
  14. siddharth

    International Physics Olympiad 2005

    The 36th International Physics Olympiad was held at Salamanca in Spain from July 3-12. 342 contestants from 77 nations participated. India placed 6th with 5 medals(2 golds, 2 silver and 1 bronze). Piyush Srivastava(17) from Allahabad and Sameer Madan(18) won the gold medals for India. In fact...
  15. terryds

    Best physics video channel for Olympiad students?

    Hi.. I take a high school physics Olympiad. Could you please tell me what the best physics video channel on YouTube or other sites ? I'm looking for videos that gives an overview to an advanced problem (It can be IPhO level) and guide to the solution step by step..
  16. S

    Please suggest me a book to study for national and international physics olympiad

    I want to prepare for upcoming national and international physics olympiad and i have about two months to do so. Can anyone suggest me a book topicwise or for complete physics. Thank You !
  17. A

    National Physics Olympiad Practical Round

    I realize questions about Olympiads have already been asked till death, but I think I haven't seen mine popping out anywhere, so here goes. Does anyone have any ideas on how to prep for the practical round of a physics Olympiad (not the IPhO, a national one). I can get papers for the I & APhO...
  18. H

    1994 Physics Olympiad Semi-Final Exam Question

    Homework Statement An experiment was conducted to investigate the time it takes water to pour out of a can through a little hole and the amount of water in the can. To find the dependence on the size of the hole, five large cylindrical containers of water of the same size were emptied through...
  19. B

    Physics Olympiad preparation

    I've got a Physics Olympiad coming up in a couple of months. Here is one paper from it: If you would look through a couple of the questions I'm sure you'll get the flavour. I'll reproduce one of them here...
  20. D

    International Physics Olympiad (IPhO): Assistance is needed!

    International Physics Olympiad (Preparation)? Hey I'm a Danish student, who will start 11th grade after summer. I intend to get to the International Physics Olympiad 2014. I'm familiar with almost the whole syllabus, but I'm not strong in calculus yet (I know basics of differential...
  21. H

    Book for Physics Olympiad

    I realise this must have been posted to death already, but brushing over that: What's the best way to study for the (British) physics Olympiad? Feel free not to answer all of the following points (I've arranged it this way for clarity): Firstly: would it help in the regional finals to have...
  22. J

    Physics olympiad in a week

    Okay, guys. So the thing is I'll have to attend to Physics national olympiad (not a big country, so not big deal), but, when looking at last years exercises, I realized, that I have no idea how to solve them. Heck, I don't even understand the solutions, that teacher gave me! What I'd like would...
  23. N

    Preparing for physics olympiad. Need Guidance

    iam starting 11th grade this year and i want to appear in IPHO for the next two years. I am pretty talented and i am aiming for two golds. i have about ten months for the qualifier in my country . i know all theory and i have a pretty good grasp . i have solved many problems from resnick...
  24. N

    How good is IE IRODOV for physics olympiad

    Iam currently preparing for physics olympiad 2014 and i am using IE IRODOV as a problem book. i want to know whether its enough for ipho or should i buy some other book.i have solved about 150 problems from IE IRODOV.
  25. N

    Problem book for physics olympiads

    Iam preparing for physics olympiad 2014 . i have read all theory and had a good amount of problem solving from resnick halliday walker . i need a problem book with difficulty comparable to that of the international physics olympiads. I have IE IRODOV and SS KROTOV . which is a better book for...
  26. N

    International Physics olympiad preparationany ideas would be very helpful

    Iam from India starting 11th grade this year and iam preparing for International physics olympiad 2014 . i have completely read and solved Concepts of Physics I and II by HC Verma. iam currently solving problems from IE Irodov and SS Krotov and solved about 100 problems from those.i have about 8...
  27. S

    How to use these books for physics olympiad?

    Hi guys, I have Feynman lectures, University Physics, and Irodov problems in general physics with solutions. How do I make use of these books? Firstly, I must say that university physics textbook is rather simple to go through, but I've heard that Feynman lectures are better for physics...
  28. T

    2011 Physics Olympiad Problem 25

    Homework Statement A hollow cylinder with a very thin wall (like a toilet paper tube) and a block are placed at rest at the top of a plane with inclination θ above the horizontal. The cylinder rolls down the plane without slipping and the block slides down the plane; it is found that both...
  29. A

    Suggestion Physics olympiad discussion

    can we have a special area for physics olympiad discussion and problem collection(like problem papers of ipho, apho and usapho)?
  30. A

    Physics Olympiad Advice

    Hi, I'm new here, and I hope someone could help me out. I'm in grade 12, and plan to write the preliminary exams for the olympiads this year. The problem is, i have only around four months till this date. I went through a tough time in 11th as I switched schools, and in general my grades fell...
  31. C

    Australia Physics Olympiad

    Hi, I'm entering in the Australian Physics Olympiad (which is the qualifying exam for the training camp, then you go on and do the international olympiad if you make the top 5 I believe in your field). I'm in year 10, though my maths is very strong (no doubt one of the strongest out of all the...
  32. P

    Physics olympiad book suggestion

    i am in class 11 and have recently completed my mechanics and thermodynamics. i want to participate in physics olympiad .i used resnick halliday ,irodov problems and iitjee related books.but the problems that come up at olympiads are typically harder than the problems in those books. so is...
  33. B

    Physics Olympiad Vector Acceleration

    Homework Statement A particle of mass 2.00 kg moves under a force given by F~ = −(8.00 N/m)(xˆi + yˆj) whereˆi and ˆj are unit vectors in the x and y directions. The particle is placed at the origin with an initial velocity~v = (3.00 m/s)ˆi + (4.00 m/s)ˆj. a. After how much time will the...
  34. B

    Conservation of Energy Physics Olympiad

    Homework Statement A ball of mass M and radius R has a moment of inertia of I =2/5MR. The ball is released from rest and rolls down the ramp with no frictional loss of energy. The ball is projected vertically upward o a ramp as shown in the diagram, reaching a maximum height ymax above the...
  35. M

    Any online sites with physics worksheets to work on to get ready for physics olympiad

    Well I've been looking for sites that offer physics olympiad type exercise but i can't find any. If you guys know any good sites, that would be a big help thank you very much.
  36. N

    British Physics Olympiad

    Not sure where this goes, but since it's an education thing, I figured here would be the best place. Hi all, I'm planning on sitting the British Physics Olympiad A2 challenge in a few weeks and I was hoping to see what people thought about it and see if anyone here is either doing it this...
  37. F

    Preparing for Singapore Physics Olympiad

    The syllabus should be similar to that of IPhO's. I have lecture notes and tutorials from my teacher, but the tutorials come with answers without solutions, and so I'm hoping for somebody to recommend a book with excellent questions for preparation for PhO and with solutions included. Is...
  38. U

    World Physics Olympiad

    Is anyone solving the worlds physics olympiads (wopho) problems? If so, I suggest starting a disccusion about the problems to help each other. In my opinion the problems are difficult and hard just to even understand the situoations that are given.
  39. P

    Upcoming Physics Olympiad Test

    Homework Statement Abullet of mass m strikes a pendulum of mass M suspended from a pivot by a string of length L with a horizontal velocity v0. The collision is perfectly INelastic and the bullet sticks to the bob. Find the minimum velocity v0 such that the bob (with the bullet inside)...
  40. J

    F=ma Physics Olympiad Exam question 19: Constant power

    Homework Statement A car has an engine which delivers a constant power. It accelerates from rest at time t = 0, and at t = t0 its acceleration is a0. What is its acceleration at t = 2t0? Ignore energy loss due to friction. Homework Equations P=W/t, W=Fd, F=ma The Attempt at a...
  41. N

    Physics Olympiad 2010 practice test question # 23

    Two streams of water flow through two U-shaped tubes (the two U-tubes are facing away from each other, but touching each other at the base of the 'U's). The tube on the left has cross-sectional area A, and the speed of the water flowing through it is v. The tube on the right has cross-sectional...
  42. E

    Physics Olympiad book

    Hi, I am looking for a good online book in order to study analysis.. I haven't studied it at school, but I think that it will be useful during Physics Olympiad.. So what do you suggest me doing?
  43. A

    Preparing for physics olympiad

    Hello! I am a high school student and I am preparing for physics olympiad and I need some help regarding resources. Talking about what I have done , I have read Physics by Resnick and halliday 5th edi both volumes.I have also read Thomas's Calculus(most part). and I am currently doing 'An...
  44. V

    Need help! Physics Olympiad

    So my teacher entered me for the Physics Challenge for GCSE students(test from the makers of the Physics Olympiad, for gifted students), which is intended for students of 16 years of age; year 11. I'm 15, and I'm in year 10, so i don't know why my teacher entered me.. Anyway, I have to...
  45. L

    Non linear motion ( Physics olympiads question )

    Homework Statement A cat sitting in a field suddenly sees a standing dog. To save its life, the cat runs away in a straight line with speed u. Without any delay, the dog starts with running with constant speed v>u to catch the cat. Initially, v is perpendicular to u and L is the initial...
  46. 1

    Physics Olympiad Books

    I'm an 11th grader finishing Mechanics and Emag and I would like to ask you for your advice on textbooks and material I will need to cover to prepare for next years Olympiad. The book I used for Mech/Emag is by Tipler/Mosca. I have heard Halliday/Resnick is good but I don't know for which topics...
  47. R

    U.S. Physics Olympiad F=ma 2008: Problem 12

    12. A uniform disk rotates at a fixed angular velocity on an axis through its center normal to the plane of the disk, and has kinetic energy E. If the same disk rotates at the same angular velocity about an axis on the edge of the disk (still normal to the plane of the disk), what is its kinetic...
  48. A

    F = MA Contest and physics olympiad prep

    Hello, I was just wondering as to how I can prepare myself for the F=ma contest and other preliminary competitions that are part of the physics olympiad. Besides doing past F=ma tests, is there any other way to prepare? (this question is specifically targeted to those who have...
  49. J

    Physics Olympiad 1999 Q29 ... piad99.pdf I can't understand why the answer is E. The velocity with which the ion enters the magnetic field is determined by 1/2 m v^2 = q V ans so v is proportional to sqrt(q/m). The radius of the arc in a magnetic field of strength B...
  50. A

    Book Choice for the Physics Olympiad

    What are the best books to use for preparing for the Physics Olympiad? I have University Physics and Fundamentals of Physics? Which one is better? Thank you!