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Fact or fiction: frequent masturbation causes lethargy?

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    over like, i dont know, since the 9th grade (4 years ago), ive been combatting constant lethargy. I eventually got used to it though.

    I recently heard from a friend that frequent masturbation causes lethargy. Now, this sounded like a myth, but now im thinking maybe it's true.

    In middle school, i woud only masturbate a few times a week. Since highschool, it's been around 6-7 times a day.

    Is this why ive suddenly become more lethargic throughout highschool?
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    There are no harmful side effects of masturbation, no matter how often you do it.
    You should see your Doctor about concerns of feeling lethargic.
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    what about carpal tunnel syndrome? :biggrin:

    I doubt this could be hazardous to your physical health in itself, but 7 times a day does seem a bit excessive. Do you do it so often when you're bored (hey, it's a great time-killer)? or do you actually feel like you physically need to do it so many times a day? if your sex-drive is that high, that would be something to tell your doctor too, just in case.
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    Your somewhat high masturbation rate is more likely a type of "self-healing" in that it makes you feel good in a normally rather dreary state. That is, it is more likely to be a reaction to a perceived letharg (and loneliness?) than the causative factor of it.
    Short answer: You're not sick on that account, but perhaps you should make an effort to organize your life in other ways. If that works out, it might be that the need of your body's self-healing technique diminishes. Or perhaps not.
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