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Failed my two semesters of biology

  1. Jun 16, 2014 #1
    I have failed my two semesters of biology and its not like i didn't read the material given or didn't do the work given....

    I just cant seem to pass, now im repeating in the summer and i am terrify, to the point where i am even afraid to try....

    I have tried all methods of studying.... i don't understand how i can figure out Organic Chemistry and Physics and pass with A's and not biology, a subject that i enjoy...what is it am i missing???

    I've got one more chance at this to pass with an A to get into med and i don't even know where to begin...

    i will read a topic now and later when i try to test myself i cant remember... or even answer the shot answer questions they gave...it is soooo vague...

    Any advice or motivation.... or inspiration....
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    One definitely needs to understand the concepts but bio 1 and 2 is quite a bit of memorization. Perhaps you aren't good in doing that. The method which has always worked for me in biology is "Structure...Function....Relationship".

    If you have memory issues... " The memory book " by Harry Lorayne might be of some help. Also you might want to try the quiz/recall method by Cal Newport.
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    What studying approaches have you tried so far? And under what conditions? How much time did you put in? What system did you use for feedback? What resources beyond your textbook did you use?

    Some of the people who post here will have good advice to offer, but you have to give them something to work with.

    Also, it helps to make an effort to type properly. That makes it easier for people to read and properly understand your posts.
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    Physics and Chemistry are much different from Biology. The physical sciences give you clear structured knowledge to learn. Biology is a mess. That is not strictly true, just a comparison. The physical sciences give more of mechanistic thinking which is very difficult to find in Biology, although you can find some success or satisfaction in something biological. Microbiology may be better than some other general or introductory Biology courses.

    As for your failing Biology twice, maybe your counseling department could give you the right advice (?) or help arrange for a remedy.
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    Biology is not necessarily more memorization than physics. It depends on how the course is taught, which varies tremendously. Was the course taught the same way both times? What do you mean the questions are vague? Have you tried asking the teachers for guidance?
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