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Family & graduate study, is it possible?

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    Have any one done this? After working in industry for some time I am planning to go back to grad study possibly in EE(MS,Phd). I have 2 infant kids. How difficult it will be to balance family life and grad study? Are there any tips or thoughts anyone?
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    I am not in this situation but I know or have known several people in graduate school with children. Its probably more difficult then when you have a normal job because you will working more hours and won't be making as much money. So it shouldn't be a problem if you are financially secure and you have a supportive spouse.
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    It's not particularly difficult provided that you have a spouse that agrees with your goals. One piece of advice is that if there are any wait lists for campus housing or childcare services, get on that list as quickly as you can. The other thing is with kids, time is more more important than money, so there are lots of fun things that you can do that aren't too expensive. Something about young kids is whatever their environment is, they'll consider it normal.
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    Dr Transport

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    Added two years to my PhD, but I would never give up my wife or either of my two kids who were born during grad school.....

    The thing that made it work was that I was free to take a day or two to look after sick kids and I was off for two weeks while my one of my kids had the chicken pox. Being a theoretician allowed me to stay at home and work while they napped, then I'd catch a few hours to work during the middle of the night.
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