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Famous Old Elementary Algebra Textbook Recommendations?

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    I apologize in advance for the odd nature of this question. Can anyone recommend any renowned old (circa 1900s-1940s) elementary algebra textbooks? I have for a while been searching for some (as a hobby I collect old math texts), but it has been very difficult to determine which were most prominent and widely-used. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    Van der Waerden's book was first published in the 1930's. Tho it is written in

    either German or Dutch. Is that what you are looking for.?
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    You might take a look at George Chrystal's "Algebra: An Elementary Textbook". It's available online:


    It's old-style algebra, not groups, rings etc. I don't know how widely it was used, but it was "well-known". Dover republished it around 1960, I think.
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