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Fe2O3 Thermal Decomposition Question

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    Hi, I've been asked to heat a sample that contains Fe2O3, amongst some other things, to a temperature where Fe2O3 will decompose. I am unable to find the temperature at which I would need to heat the sample and I'm not entirely convinced this is actually possible with the equipment I have available. However, it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could provide me with this temperature and if possible a reference to go with it.
    Thanks :)
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    The Ellingham diagrams in the above link suggest that ##Fe_2O_3## decomposes into ##Fe_3O_4## and ##O_2## at around 1500°C. Further decomposition to iron metal probably requires several thousand degrees. If "some other things" include, e.g., carbon or another reducing agent, then you can get a redox reaction to happen at a low(-ish, but still probably around 1000°C) temperature.
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