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Studying Fear of studying engineering with W's preventing transfer to University

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    The circumstances are:
    There are about (guessing) 8 W's on transcript
    And the guidance counselor , or one of the many guidance counselors, did say that a student is likely to be unable to get into any 4 year University with "alot of W's on transcript" (The guidance counselors never say how many is too many W's, it's very vaugue.)
    So how can a student get into a university to get a bachelors degree or a masters degree in engineering and then have a job if the student has W's which prevent the student from transfering? This seems like an unforutunate catch 22, escpecailly if the student has a high GPA.

    (With regards to transfer from a 2 year college to a 4 year college?)
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    For the benefit of people outside your region / academic system, would you mind explaining what you mean by "Ws", on transcript or otherwise, are they some kind of demerit?

    Also, would this post not be better filed under "Academic Guidance"?
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    Can you explain how to take this from this section and post it under academic guidance?!?That's a really good idea. Really like the idea.
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    Looks like one of the mentors moved it for you already. :smile:

    In general, if you decide one of your threads (or someone else's for that matter!) would be better off in some other forum, use the "Report" button to bring it to our attention.
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    They mean that he withdrew from a course during the semester, usually anywhere between two weeks and 2 months into the semester.

    8 is a lot of withdrawals. 1,2 is normal, 4 a bit questionable, but 8 in two years is a sign you repeatedly got in over your head. But, as in all things, it probably depends on where you want to transfer into. The public school affiliated with your community college may take you in anyway, MIT probably not. You need to talk to some admissions people and figure out what their baselines are.
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