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Features in the molecular structure of a compound that affect solubility mp,bp.

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    Hi guys, I need some help with this question. What features in the molecular structure of a compound affect its solubility and its melting and boiling points. I need to answer this question with several examples and include structural diagrams. Please help :yuck:
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    melting and boiling points:
    the stronger the intermolecular forces, th ehigher th emelting points, and boiling points. because more energy is required to seperate the molecules from one another which results in the phase changes.
    the size of a compound also affects the melting points and boiling points because intermolecular forces are additive, the more bonds present in a structure the more intermolecular forces forces are present.
    like dissolves like so compounds that contain same type of intermolecular forces will dissolve in one another because two molecules will be attracted to one anothr in the same manner as two molecules of the same substance
    ie: ethanol is very soluble in water because both contain O-H bonds that are attracted to one another.
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