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Feeling insignificant after watching space movies

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    I've had several people tell me that they feel insignificant after watching a show or movie on the universe. Personally I don't understand this, instead of feeling insignificant I feel a sense of wonder.
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    Yeah, I feel the same. It feels fascinating after watching movies related to space, time etc etc... Interstellar was very good. What do you think?
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    Google Monty Python Universe Song.
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    Why?? What's so special about it??
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    Juuuuuust re
    member that you're standing
    on a planet that's evolving
    and revolving
    at a thousand miles an hour...
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    I wonder if it is related to the disparity between those who feel they have no control over the universe, and those who have the passion to learn and create.
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    Well, I'm on the side of learning and creating. .
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    And pray that there's intelligent life
    somewhere out in space
    'cause there's bugger-all down here on Earth
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    Have you not listened to it?
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    I think it stands to reason that s/he has not.

    The Universe Song is the musical embodiment of the thread title.
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