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B Fermi Paradox: What are your opinions on the Fermi Paradox?

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    Hi guys,

    So If any of you aren't familiar with the Fermi Paradox, I highly advise you read about it. It is easily one of the most interesting topics I've come across. IF you can't be bothered for this I have included a small summary of what the Fermi Paradox in my survey (see below).

    I'm doing my extended projected (EPQ) on the possible solutions to the Fermi Paradox, however I wanted some other peoples opinions on the matter. If any of you have some free time to complete my quick survey I'd be more then grateful:


    I've tried to make it as short as possible so not to waste any of your time.

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    My opinion is that the universe is young and that we are one of the early civilizations. I'm certain that there have been many before us, but they were rare and space is huge so there isn't enough out there for us to find them yet.
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    My opinion is that an intelligent species (or whatever it evolves into) either becomes extinct or colonizes the whole galaxy and in the colonized galaxy there is no space left for the development of other intelligent species.
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    One self evident explanation is technologically advanced and enduring intelligent societies, like humans, are rare. Combine that with the fact there is no conceivable way to traverse interstellar distances that is not obscenely expensive. I expect any sensible civilizations would be reluctant to commit the resources needed for interstellar exploration when those same resources would have more obvious utility to enrich their own, as well as their decendants lives. While it is certainly true a highly advanced alien society could be expected to possess technology far superior to our own, that still doesn't assure extensive space exploration would qualify as an affordable luxury. How often would an already rare society be confronted with the choice of abandoning their home system or face imminent destruction, and, with enough warning to permit an effective response?
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