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I don't know if this is the right section to ask this but I'll take my chances anyway.

I Just want to ask if someone here knows the right marijuana strain to use when it come with fibromyalgia?

I've been suffering with back pain for almost 7 months now and can't sleep properly at night. I already have a prescription meds but I refrain on using them coz it only take the pain for a minute or so and back again. Then one of my friends gave me a joint to try if it makes me feel better and it does! I try asking him what it is but he has no idea also. So I started doing my own research about medical marijuana and strains that would be effective against pain and came across this some a website. <Moderator's note: Advertisement link removed.>
I'm not sure if that's the strain that I've tried but it has the highest pain management effect. Cbd and thc are all new to me. I also read that drinking it as tea or as a muffin/cake is an option, but is relief effects the same? Why can't they simply make pills out of marijuana - or maybe there are that I am not aware of. If it's true, then I would very much appreciate any ideas and advice on what strain is good and how to use it medically. Thanks in advance to those who'll answer.
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I'm afraid we can't help you with this.
  • We lack expertise.
  • We cannot give medical advise: too dangerous.
  • It's a matter of responsibility to advice you to consult a real doctor.
  • Such discussions on the internet are never a good idea to rely on.
  • We cannot control who answers out of which interest.
So all we can do is to send you to a doctor or pharmacologist who know better what can help you on this special case.

Get well.
Thread closed.

jim mcnamara

PF cannot provide medical advice. Please consult your medial professional.

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