Find distance between two points on Earth

  1. How could you find the distance between two points, such as
    N12° 34.567 W12° 34.567
    N12° 34.568 W12° 34.567?
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    Use a great circle.

    - Warren
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    Wow, how interesting, i didn't see this thread when i posted mine.

    Anyway, i guess my treatment of the subject is quite accessible.

  5. 0.0011506641413132668 miles
    or 6.076 feet
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  6. Be careful though, becasue you have a mixed lat long.. you have to convert the decimal of minutes to minutes and seconds. 34.567 minutes = 34 Minutes 34.02 seconds(.567 * 60)..
  7. Guys, I wanted to know how I could get the answer, not for you to tell me or give me an app to do do it for me.
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  9. "Unfortunately, the flattening of the Earth cannot be taken into account in this simple derivation, since the problem is considerably more complicated for a spheroid or ellipsoid (each of which has a radius which is a function of latitude). This leads to extremely complicated expressions for oblate spheroid geodesics and geodesics on other ellipsoids."
    So you won't get the most accurate solutions; but that's no problem if dealing with relatively short distances.
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