Find Force Exerted on Soccer Ball, Impulse Q Homework

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Homework Statement

Soccer player kicks stationary .45-kg ball to a teammate. The balls reaches a max height above ground of 2m at a horizontal distance 5m from the point where it was kicked. The duration of the kick was .04s. Neglecting aero drag, determine the magnitude of the average force the player exerted on the ball.

Homework Equations

Impulse = Favg (Delta T)

The Attempt at a Solution

I know how to solve the problem I just don't know how to get the components of velocity Vsuby and Vsubx. Just need help with that part, you'd solve for both velocities find the magnitude of the velocity, use the impulse equation plug and have Favg = mvf / Delta T.
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Can you solve the following projectile motion problem?

A ball is kicked so that it reaches max height of 2 m and travels a horizontal distance of 5 m. Find the horizontal and vertical components of the initial velocity. Neglect aero drag.

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