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Find the latent heat of fusion of ice

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    1. I need to find the latent heat of fusion of ice. The problem scenario is that i have a cup and fill it 1/3 full with water. I then take a cube of ice and put it in the cup. then the cube of ice melts

    mass of the cup=.24g
    mass of the cup when filled 1/3 with water=71.16g
    initial temperature of water in cup=21 celsius
    temperature of water after melt=4 celsius
    mass after the ice melts-98.88g

    2. It has something to do with mc(delta)t
    maybe mc(delta)t=mc(delta)t

    3. I just dont know where the numbers are plugged in. Please help
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    Welcome to PF.

    You are on the right track.

    First of all figure how much heat is contained by the initial water alone. From net mass of water (less the cup) times the temperature drop of that water then would maybe give you what you want, except that after the ice melts you have the additional heating that went into raising the water in the ice up to 4°.

    So figure how to account for that.

    What's left over must be what was required to melt the ice.
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